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Swagman Motorhome - Australis

The Swagman Australis motor home is the ultimate in luxury and space. From front to rear, this motor home is beautifully presented and absolutely feature packed.

  • Fully self sufficient RV.
  • Huge front living area.
  • Luxurious "A" class vehicle.
  • Many home features - too many to list.
Seats 5 | Sleeps 4 | Medium Rigid Truck Licence | Stock No: 5774

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - Nullarbor A3275SL

Travel, dream, drive and discover your dreams in the Winnebago Nullarbor A3275SL, a class completely on it’s own with all the features and luxuries you would expect in a top of the range A class vehicle.

  • Unique one of a kind design - drop down bed.
  • Luxurious model with two spacious slide outs.
  • Quality used A class at it's finest.
  • Strong and reliable chassis build.
Seats 5 | Sleeps 6 | Medium Rigid Truck Licence | Stock No: 5757

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - Nullarbor A3275SL

Travel in style and luxury with an “A” Class Winnebago Nullarbor, a beautiful motorhome with all the stunning features you need to travel Australia in absolute comfort. Enquire today!

  • Fully self sufficient RV while on the road.
  • Spacious & luxurious front living area.
  • A very impressive & extensive list of home features.
  • Only travelled 38,421 Km's.
Seats 5 | Sleeps 2 | Medium Rigid Truck Licence | Stock No: 5876

Winnebago Motorhome - A3275SL Nullarbor

Explore Australia, satisfy your dream and roam the countryside at your leisure in your luxuriously appointed motorhome. This Winnebago Nullarbor will fit your concept of the ultimate motor home experience.

  • Extra roomy living area featuring two slide outs.
  • 5 reversing cameras for additional safety.
  • Convenient front load washing machine.
  • LOW MILAGE - less than 43,000kms.
Seats 5 | Sleeps 5 | Medium Rigid Truck Licence | Stock No: 5669

Sunliner Motorhome - Monte Carlo 802

This Monte Carlo is extremely roomy and will sleep up to 4 people. The design offers a front kitchen, a huge living area, an island bed towards the back and a full width rear bathroom.

  • Great living space with a spacious slide out compartment.
  • Extensive list of features including a washing machine.
  • Relax outside with the electric awning and BBQ.
  • More then enough storage space to be found throughout.
Seats 4 | Sleeps 4 | Light Rigid Truck Licence | Stock No: 5691

Sunliner Motorhome - Monte Carlo M82

The luxurious Sunliner Monte Carlo will let you live your dreams in style. Built on a Iveco 65C18 Turbo Diesel chassis you can be guaranteed of the reliability your motorhome will provide on the open road.

  • Excellent storage capacity.
  • Leather upholstery on all seating.
  • Full width rear dry bathroom.
  • Fully self sufficient with generator and inverter.
Seats 4 | Sleeps 4 | Light Rigid Truck Licence | Stock No: 5561

Winnebago Motorhome - Longreach C3135SL

Step inside to second hand luxury with the Winnebago Longreach! Capable of sleeping up to 5 this motorhome will take you on the holiday of your lifetime seeing all the sights you want to see throughout Australia.

  • 3.6kva Onan Generator.
  • Auto power detecting refrigerator.
  • Slide out pantry in kitchen.
  • Private sleeping quarters in rear.

$199,990 $189,990

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Seats 5 | Sleeps 5 | Medium Rigid Truck Licence | Stock No: 5199

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - Nullarbor A2874SL

The Winnebago Nullarbor is a benchmark in pre loved “A” class market with it’s many home features and reliable chassis build on a turbo diesel Chevrolet Kodiak. You will not be disappointed in buying this RV.

  • Flat floor throughout from front to back.
  • Many home features and comforts.
  • Space saving slide out compartment at the front.
  • Fully self contained RV.
Seats 5 | Sleeps 2 | Medium Rigid Truck Licence | Stock No: 5697

Sunliner Motorhome - Holiday G59

This Sunliner Holiday G59 is in fantastic condition and has an ideal and functional layout so you better get in quick, before someone else does!

  • Two way storage compartment - accessible inside and out.
  • Very neat and tidy motorhome.
  • Comfortably seat and sleep 3 people on your journey.
  • Spacious living/dining area thanks to the slide out.
Seats 3 | Sleeps 3 | Car Licence | Stock No: 5721

Avida Motorhome - Esperance B7934SL

Get in quick! This preloved Avida B7934SL Esperance is a 2014 model and only has 1,707 KM’s. Built by Australia’s leading RV manufacturer, Avida RV, this like new vehicle won’t stay in our showroom for long!

  • Like new vehicle - 2014 model!
  • Space saving slide out compartment.
  • Only 1,707KM's!
  • Iveco chassis - smooth driving experience.
Seats 4 | Sleeps 4 | Light Rigid Truck Licence | Stock No: 5769

Custom Built 5th Wheeler Package

This custom built 5th wheeler has been thoughtfully designed to suit a couple that wish to be on the road full time. Stacked with features, the Road Runner is fully self-sufficient so you can get out and explore Australia without the worry of having to stop frequently to top up the essentials.

  • Heavy Combination (HC) Truck License.
  • Easy to drive AUTO transmission.
  • 8 solar panels for constant battery charging.
  • 1200 ltr fresh water tank.
Seats 2 | Sleeps 2 | Not Applicable | Stock No: 5649

Winnebago Motorhome - 2684 Explorer LE Discovery

This Winnebago Limited Edition Explorer represents quality at it’s finest with all the luxurious features you would expect to find in your own home. Come in and view this stunning “A” class vehicle today and start living your dream.

  • Fully self sufficient motorhome.
  • Luxury "A" Class, limited edition design.
  • Built by a leading Australian RV manufcaturer.
  • Extensive list of home comfort features.
Seats 4 | Sleeps 4 | Light Rigid Truck Licence | Stock No: 5616

Auto Trail Motorhome - Frontier Delaware

This Auto Trail Frontier Delaware is only a 2013 model and has been kept in outstanding condition inside and out so it is definitely worth a look if you are in the RV market. Get in quick though, like new RV’s such as this don’t tend to stick around for long!

  • Like new condition - only a 2013 model.
  • Very nice front living area.
  • Only 11,640 KM's.
  • Good set of features and comforts.
Seats 2 | Sleeps 2 | Car Licence | Stock No: 5804

Playmor 5th Wheeler - King of the Road Package Deal

What better way to finally get out and explore what Australia has to offer then in this fantastic 5th wheeler package deal. With four slide outs you can be guaranteed to have enough internal living space for you and any guests you have over!

  • Very spacious internal design with four slide outs.
  • Fantastic package deal - tow vehicle included.
  • Heaps of storage space to be found.
  • Extensive list of home features and comforts.
Seats 2 | Sleeps 2 | Not Applicable | Stock No: 5655

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - Esperance C2634SL

The Winnebago Esperance offers you a reliable trip wherever you may be heading in Australia and this model, the C2634SL is one of the most popular layouts of the pre loved Esperance range.

  • Reliable RV build on the Iveco Daily 50C17 chassis.
  • Popular and well designed Winnebago Esperance.
  • Slide out compartment at the front living area.
  • C class vehicle meaning over the cab bed/storage.
Seats 4 | Sleeps 4 | Car Licence | Stock No: 5846

Sunliner Motorhome - Twist

Get in quick and see this 2013 Sunliner Twist in excellent condition which only has 13,220 KM's also with an extensive list of home features and comforts.

  • Pre loved 2013 model with only 13,220 KM's.
  • Very popular Sunliner layout.
  • A spacious slide out area.
  • An extensive list of home features/comforts.
Seats 4 | Sleeps 4 | Car Licence | Stock No: 5851

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - Esperance B2634SL

Built to the highest Australian standards it’s no surprise that this used Winnebago Esperance is still a very popular and reliable motorhome.

  • Well maintained and reliable RV.
  • Spacious living area thanks to the slide out.
  • Comfortable island bed with two way storage underneath.
  • Automatic transmission on a Iveco Daily 50C18 chassis.
Seats 4 | Sleeps 2 | Car Licence | Stock No: 5756

Jayco 5th Wheeler - 24.73-2 Package Deal

This Jayco 5th Wheeler is in like new condition being only a 2014 model! It is also packaged with a fantastic Ford Ranger dual cab ute so you can hit the open free road straight away.

  • Package deal - Jayco 5th Wheeler with a Ford Ranger Ute!
  • Like new condition - only a 2014 fifth wheeler model.
  • Club lounge design with a spacious slide out compartment.
  • Only $129,990 for the package, excellent pricing!
Seats 5 | Sleeps 2 | Not Applicable | Stock No: 5866

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - Alpine 2855

The Winnebago Alpine range is a luxury throughout the pre loved market, buying on of these vehicles allows you to explore and see all there is to see in Australia without missing any comforts from home. So what are you waiting for, get in and look at this 2855 Alpine today.

  • Spacious living area at the front.
  • Enough room to sleep up to 5 on your travels.
  • Reliable Isuzu NQR 450 turbo diesel chassis build.
  • Extensive list of features for your journey.
Seats 5 | Sleeps 5 | Medium Rigid Truck Licence | Stock No: 5666

Trailblazers 5th Wheeler - Outback 200E Package Deal

5th Wheelers are a fantastic way for you to finally get out and live your dream and what better way to do that than in a package deal! This deal includes a brilliant Trailblazer Outback and a Mazda BT50 Ute.

  • Fantastic Trailblazer and Mazda BT50 Ute package deal.
  • Roomy living area at the back.
  • Off road model.
  • Only a 2013 build.
Seats 4 | Sleeps 2 | Not Applicable | Stock No: 5801

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - Alpine 2855

Pre loved motorhomes such as this Winnebago Alpine offer top line quality throughout the second hand market and with a popular floor plan this vehicle will not last long.

  • Pre loved motorhome quality with a great floor plan.
  • Great storage capacity.
  • Reliable pre loved motorhome and chassis build.
  • Sleep up to 6 people on your journey.

$134,990 $119,990

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Seats 5 | Sleeps 6 | Light Rigid Truck Licence | Stock No: 5693

Winnebago (Avida) Campervan - Diversion

This pre loved, 2012 model Winnebago Diversion will send you on the trip of a lifetime anywhere you want to go in this beautiful country.

  • 2012 model from Australia's leading RV manufacturer.
  • Large rear double doors providing plenty of fresh air.
  • Comfortable slide out/drop down bed options in the rear.
  • Only travelled 68,510 KM's.
Seats 4 | Sleeps 2 | Car Licence | Stock No: 5717

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - Leisure Seeker C2364

Travel Australia and have a great time doing it with this fantastic used Winnebago C2364 Leisure Seeker that we have in stock.

  • Electric drop down bed.
  • Spacious living area at the rear.
  • Neat and tidy 2008 model.
  • Plenty of home features for your journey.

Deposit Taken

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Seats 4 | Sleeps 4 | Car Licence | Stock No: 5771

Avan Motorhome - Ovation M3 Alcove

This Avan Ovation motorhome gives you a very functional design and with the spacious front living area you will have enough room to sit and entertain all your guests.

  • C class RV - spare bed over the cab.
  • Roomy living area at the front.
  • Only a GVM of 4005 - standard car license.
  • Two TV's - one at the front and one at the back.
Seats 4 | Sleeps 4 | Car Licence | Stock No: 5820
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