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Used RV's In Stock

Buying a pre-owned motorhome, campervan, caravan or 5th wheeler is a great way to make your dream a reality for less. We have fresh stock coming in all the time so please scroll down to see what's new. To view more details on our range of second hand motor homes which include detailed image galleries, please click on the image or RV title.

Motor Homes and Campervans

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - A3474-SL Nullarbor
WAS $349,990 - The 3474 2SL Nullarbor enables you to travel in absolute comfort. The separate bedroom features a queen size bed...

Stock No: 4811
$295,000 JANUARY SPECIAL!! SAVE $50,000!

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - 3674 Classic
The Winnebago Classic motorhome is a impressive sight to see and has all of the comforts and luxuries for your...

Stock No: 5068

National Caribbean Motorhome
Travel Australia with complete luxury in this very spacious National Caribbean motorhome, with everything you could possibly need...

Stock No: 5396

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - Longreach C3131SL
Arrive at your destination in style and luxury with a pre loved Winnebago Longreach! With two spacious slide out compartments...

Stock No: 5298
$219,990 $10,000 SAVINGS!

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - Longreach
Step inside to second hand luxury with the Winnebago Longreach! Capable of sleeping up to 5 this...

Stock No: 5199

Avida Motorhome - "A" Class Esperance Premium A7932SL
"A" class motorhomes don't get much better then the luxurious Esperance Premium manufactured by Avida...

Stock No: 5263
$195,649 Drive Away NSW

New Model from Avida Motorhomes - Premium A7944
Travel Australia in luxury with the Premium by the leading Australian manufacturer, Avida RV...

Stock No: 5375
$195,649 Drive Away NSW

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - Longreach
Travel Australia in a stylish, pre loved Winnebago Longreach and satisfy your dream of living in quality and comfort...

Stock No: 5438

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - Menindee
Step into "B" class luxury with the Winnebago Menindee. With only 26,176 KMS this motorhome is in great condition...

Stock No: 5449

Avida Motorhome - Esperance B7964SL
Peace of mind, style and reliability is what the Esperance B7964SL will give you, so you know you have made the right choice by...

Stock No: 5372
$174,100 Drive Away NSW

Paradise Motorhome - Inspiration Lite Deluxe
This used Paradise Inspiration Lite Deluxe motorhome will give you a ultimate holiday with a very spacious living area to move...

Stock No: 5376

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - Explorer
Travelling Australia couldn’t get much better with this luxurious Winnebago “A” class Explorer which has everything you would...

Stock No: 5443

Avida Motorhome - Esperance B7934SL
Travel Australia with a quality Avida Esperance motorhome. This particular model is the B7934 and at a quick look has a rear...

Stock No: 5224
$168,900 Drive Away NSW

Avida Motorhome - Esperance B7263
This B7263 Esperance has a outstanding drop down bed layout and being built by Avida, Australia’s leading motorhome manufacturer...

Stock No: 5354
$167,800 Drive Away NSW

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - Alpine 2635SL
Travel Australia in a luxurious pre loved motorhome such as this Winnebago Alpine 2635SL that we currently have in stock....

Stock No: 5417

Sunliner Motorhome - Twist
The Sunliner Twist has a popular floor plan and offers everything you would expect to find within your own home to...

Stock No: 5435
$159,990 Drive Away NSW

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - Esperance "A" Class Premium
Travel Australia with a bit of style in this pre loved, low KM's Winnebago Esperance "A" class Premium. With an...

Stock No: 5288

Avida Motorhome - Eyre B7644
The Avida Eyre B7644 is a stylish and excellent motorhome built with all the features you need to hit the open road and travel Australia...

Stock No: 5242

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - Alpine 2635
The Australian Winnebago Alpine is a outstanding model with all the features and comforts you could possibly need for travelling...

Stock No: 5421

Sunliner Motorhome - Holiday H503
Turn up to your destination in style and luxury with the Sunliner Holiday H503 with everything you would expect to...

Stock No: 5468
$149,934 Drive Away NSW

Sunliner 2010 Twist Motorhome
Sunliner offers top quality motorhomes and that's exactly what the Sunliner Twist was based on...

Stock No: 5455

Winnebago (Avida) Esperance - C2634SL
Travel in style with a pre loved Winnebago C2634SL Esperance, one of the most popular Esperance models...

Stock No: 5400
$139,990 REDUCED!!

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - C7264 Esperance
The Winnebago Esperance is a popular model through the pre loved RV market due to there reliable build and many home features they offer...

Stock No: 5411

Custom Motorhome - Homemade 4x4 Special
Set off and reach some of the more remote parts of Australia in this custom 4x4 motorhome. Made with all the...

Stock No: 5424

Avida Motorhome - Birdsville B7334
Travel in comfort and style with a brand new, Australian made Avida B7334 Birdsville that offers you all the luxuries from home and more...

Stock No: 5289
$124,990 Drive Away NSW

Talvor Motorhome - Keppel "C" Class
Travelling with the whole family couldn't be easier with this Talvor "C" class Keppel that will happily seat up to 6 and sleep...

Stock No: 5394

Avida Motorhome - Leura B6712
The Avida Leura is only a relatively new model to join the Avida range but being in a affordable price bracket and a...

Stock No: 5423
$115,800 Drive Away NSW

Sunliner Motorhome - Vibe
The Vibe is a stunning motorhome made by Sunliner with a fantastic drive away price and amazing, compact layout perfect for a...

Stock No: 5491
$114,990 Drive Away NSW

Winnebago Campervan - Bondi 2S
We are very excited to have in stock a brand new Winnebago Bondi 2S Campervan which has all the essential features to...

Stock No: 5475
$110,800 Drive Away NSW

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - Birdsville Elite
Travelling Australia couldn't be easier with this excellent, pre loved Winnebago Birdsville Elite motorhome. With all...

Stock No: 5299

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - Birdsville Elite
Travel Australia in a very well equipped and reliable Winnebago Birdsville Elite motorhome and make your dreams a reality...

Stock No: 5409
$104,990 REDUCED!

Custom Campervan - Mercedes Benz 316
Travel around Australia today in this pre loved custom Mercedes Benz 316 campervan now available at Australian Motor Homes...

Stock No: 5103

Swagman Signature Motorhome
Travel Australia with this 1996 model Swagman Signature, that is still in great condition and will happily seat and sleep 5 for your travels...

Stock No: 5429

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - Explorer
Australian Motorhomes is once again proud to have a luxurious A class Winnebago Explorer on display!

Stock No: 5077

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - Freewind
This Winnebago Freewind is in excellent condition and with a functional floor plan will not stick around for long...

Stock No: 5457

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - Leisure Seeker 2335
This 2335 Leisure Seeker is built on a Mercedes Benz 413 2.2 ltr turbo diesel and features an...

Stock No: 4997

Jayco Motorhome - Optimum FD23.1
Travel Australia in this pre loved 2007 Jayco Optimum FD23.1 which is in great condition and offers you the chance to finally get out and...

Stock No: 5350

Toyota LandCruiser 4500
This Toyota LandCruiser has been kept very neat and tidy and gives you the opportunity you have been waiting for to...

Stock No: 5437

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - Freewind 2313SL
This 2005 model Winnebago Freewind is in excellent condition with all the home comforts you need to hit the open road today...

Stock No: 5415

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - Leisure Seeker C2364
Travel Australia and have a great time doing it with this fantastic used Winnebago C2364 Leisure Seeker that we have in stock...

Stock No: 5495


Stock No: 5340

Hino Home Made Motorhome
We now have on display this outstanding, pre loved, home made vehicle that can even fit the car included inside the rear...

Stock No: 5342

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - Leisure Seeker B235
Pre loved Winnebago Leisure Seekers don't last long due to there popular and affordable design so get in quick to see this vehicle today...

Stock No: 5261

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - 2334 Freewind
This pre loved Winnebago 2334 Freewind is your chance to save plenty of money and travel Australia the way you want to without...

Stock No: 5341
REDUCED $75,653, MUST GO!!!

Mercedes Benz Oz-Trek Sprinter
Get in quick and see this fantastic Oz-Trek Mercedes Benz Sprinter campervan that we currently have on display and...

Stock No: 5395

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - 2054 Leisure Seeker
Travel Australia comfortably in this spacious and well-maintained Winnebago motorhome. It is equipped with many extras...

Stock No: 5105

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - Adventurer
Travel Australia and go on an adventure with this stunning pre loved Winnebago motorhome! Built on a Fiat Ducato turbo diesel...

Stock No: 5461

KEA Campervan - Freedom
Experience KEA Freedom wherever you are in your own private retreat. the kitchen at the front consists of a sink, two way fridge...

Stock No: 5346

Home Made Iveco 50C18 Slide On
Travel Australia in a 2007 Iveco home made slide on and finally get out and live the life of exploration like you have always wanted...

Stock No: 5253

KEA Campervan - Freedom
Travel Australia in a pre loved KEA Freedom Campervan with all the essentials and comforts of home you need on the go...

Stock No: 5318

Mazda Bravo - Suncamper Sherwood
Travel Australia in a more compact unit like this Suncamper Sherwood with all the essentials you need to finally start living your dream...

Stock No: 5310

Trakka Campervan - Jabiru Sprinter
Get out and travel Australia in a very well built and functional campervan such as this Trakka Sprinter...

Stock No: 5392

KEA Campervan - Ford Transit 2 Berth
Hit the open road in this tidy pre-loved KEA campervan. The cab is built on a Ford Transit T350 diesel chassis with...

Stock No: 5260

Matilda Clancy - Toyota Hilux Motorhome
Get ready to explore our wonderful country in this Toyota Hilux Matilda RV. This well presented motorhome sleeps four people...

Stock No: 5403

Northstar Laredo SC Slide On
Travel Australia in this vey nice Northstar Laredo SC slide on with all the essentials you need and at a affordable price...

Stock No: 5364

Toyota Coaster - Stargazer
Get out and live your very own holiday with this fantastic, pre loved Stargazer Toyota Coaster and see everything Australia has to offer...

Stock No: 5323

Toyota Coaster (HZB50R)
A Toyota Coaster such as this one we currently have in stock is a great way to finally get out and explore at a very affordable price...

Stock No: 5369

Toyota Hilux 4x4 - Matilda Clancy
Get in quick as this 4x4 Clancy will not stick around for long with a very affordable price and efficient floor plan....

Stock No: 5445

Winnebago (Avida) Motorhome - Leisure Seeker 2054
Come into Australian Motor Homes and see some of the great pre loved, affordable motorhomes we have such as this...

Stock No: 4952
$37,651 MUST GO!!!!

Talvor Pop Top - Adventure Camper
This Talvor pop top has all the essentials you need to finally hit the open road and see more of Australia...

Stock No: 5408

Toyota Coaster - Custom Motorhome
The Toyota Coaster is an affordable, custom built motorhome that can take you on the journey of a lifetime you won't soon forget...

Stock No: 5262

Volkswagen Transporter - Slide On Camper
Slide on campers such as this pre loved Volkswagen Transporter are great and affordable way to finally live your dream of exploring!

Stock No: 5196

Towables - 5th Wheelers and Caravans

Travelhome 5th Wheeler - Macquarie 29 Package
Get in quick as this excellent package deal will not last! the package includes a Travelhome Macquarie 29 5th wheeler and a...

Stock No: 5407

Winjana 5th Wheeler - Kalbarri 690 Package Deal
MUST SELL, WILL SPLIT! Travel Australia in this quality 5th Wheeler package deal we currently have on display!

Stock No: 5258
$99,990 MUST SELL!

Sunliner 5th Wheeler - Northshore 25
Travel Australia and set up camp just about anywhere in your very own 5th Wheeler from Sunliner...

Stock No: 5249

Crusader Caravan - Excalibur 21.10
Step into a well designed and very affordable Crusader Caravan and get ready to start your next holiday today...

Stock No: 5477
$80,600 Tow Away NSW

Crusader Caravan - Excalibur (Tri Fold Table)
We have another fantastic Crusader Excalibur currently in stock and while being very similar to another one we have, this one has many...

Stock No: 5478
$73,200 Tow Away NSW

Crusader Caravan - Excalibur
Travelling Australia couldn’t get better in a brand new Crusader Excalibur caravan, all new to Australian Motor Homes...

Stock No: 5467
$69,990 Tow Away NSW

Avida Caravan - Sapphire CV6614D
The Avida Sapphire CV6614D is a luxurious caravan built to suit the Australian conditions by a leading Australian manufacturer...

Stock No: 5295
$65,990 Tow Away NSW

Avida Caravan - Sapphire CV6616L (Bunk Design)
The Avida Sapphire CV6616L is the perfect caravan for you and your family to travel Australia in...

Stock No: 5114
$65,990 Tow Away NSW

Avida Caravan - Sapphire CV6614D
The Avida Sapphire is a caravan without peer, a caravan offering so much in creature comforts, exceptional standard features, smooth...

Stock No: 5078
$65,990 Tow Away NSW

Avida Caravan - Sapphire CV6624
Travelling in a caravan can't get much better in the luxury Avida Sapphire range. This particular model is the CV6624 and will...

Stock No: 5300
$65,990 Tow Away NSW

Avida Caravan - Sapphire CV6624L
The Avida Sapphire is a caravan without peer, a caravan offering so much in creature comforts, exceptional standard features, smooth...

Stock No: 5113
$65,990 Tow Away NSW

Travelhome 5th Wheeler - Macquarie 25
Travelhome 5th wheelers are made for Australian conditions so it's no surprise that this pre loved Macquarie 25 model is still in great...

Stock No: 5173

Crusader Caravan - Esperance Pop Top
See more of Australia in an affordable pop top Crusader Esperance and finally make that dream of travelling a reality...

Stock No: 5479
$51,990 Tow Away NSW

New Age Caravan - Manta Ray
Live your dream and travel Australia in this very affordable, and excellent pre loved New Age Manta Ray caravan we currently...

Stock No: 5434

Sunliner Carnie Caravan
The Carnie is a outstanding 2011 model caravan built by one of Australia's leading manufacturers, Sunliner RV. With a...

Stock No: 5450

Jayco Caravan - Sterling 20.64-20B
See more of Australia in a fantastic and affordable pre loved caravan that we have in stock such as this Jayco Sterling 20.64-20B...

Stock No: 5489

Golf Caravan & Pajero Package Deal
Caravans are one of the many great alternatives you can choose from when wanting to travel Australia so why not get in and...

Stock No: 5419

Spaceland Caravan - Norseman
Travel Australia in this very neat and tidy Spaceland Norseman caravan. With great storage space and at a affordable price this could...

Stock No: 5410

Cub Supamatic Escape Camper Trailer
Camp wherever you like in Australia in this Supamatic Escape camper trailer by Cub. When unfolded this camper creates a...

Stock No: 5426

Jayco Pop Top Caravan - Freedom
Affordable caravans such as this Jayco Pop Top Freedom are great alternatives to finally get out and travel...

Stock No: 5254
$16,990 ON SPECIAL!!

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